Singers Home World

The Singers Learn of War

The Singers are possibly the oldest sentient race in the Milky Way galaxy. Anthracene and pyrene, among other building blocks of life, drifted into the atmosphere of gas giants scattered about the galaxy. Over the last several billion years, the Darwinian selection of the brutal environment of gas giants perfected a convergent species – the Singers. Although, there are minor differences in the various races of hydrogen dwelling life, the common traits are these:

  • they inhabit the middle atmosphere of gas giants;
  • they live for many millennia;
  • they swim above the clouds which rain metallic hydrogen crystals into the lower atmosphere of their worlds;
  • their food source is hydrogen, converting it to helium by metabolizing the energy in the atoms using a natural form of resonant cold fusion;
  • and most of all, the Singers’ use poice – a psionically projected resonant thought used for communication which propagates in hundreds of wave expressions, among them electromagnetic, light and gravimetric waveforms.

Grandfathers HumansThe Singers communicate using information dense “songs.” The song of a Singer has been heard by other Singers as far away as fifty lightyears. Singers have a social order based on meritocracy and veneration. The oldest and most powerful Singers teach younger Singers. The ancient Singers are known to dream and sing as they swim. By the time a Singer has heard and sung the music of the chorus for millennia, they compose their own works of wisdom and thought. Mastery of expressing an idea, rich in information, is the moment when a Singer comes of age. Master Singers’ songs are repeated for centuries, without any discernable change in detail or emotion. And as the songs are sung, the society of the Singers grows and changes.

The environment of the Singers home worlds has prevented the Singers from developing tools. From time to time, an ancient Singer influences a lesser lifeform to provide a solution to a problem. Though they are only vaguely aware of the species they compel into service, their control is nearly unbreakable, and the lesser beings are barely noticeable to them. Over the thousands of millennia of their existence, some Signers have migrated to uninhabited gas giants, or even to other Singers home worlds, with the assistance of lesser species. The Sophonts living on worlds near one of the Singers' home worlds often share their dreams. The dreaming Singer possesses those sharing their dreams… that is until they shared dreams with Grandfather.

When the Singers shared a dream with Grandfather, they found knowledge and understanding which greatly surpassed their own. Desperate to possess this unique cache of knowledge and wisdom they brought to bear the songs of the entire planet. The opening movement of the Singers of the Y’rak Tholi homeworld were the sweetest song ever sung among the Singers. The majesty of the song was repeated as a singular chorus galaxy wide… until the Apex Droyne escaped and loosed his wrath on the Singers of Y’rak Tholi. The wails of their deaths were also repeated galaxy wide. For the first time, the Singers knew fear. They felt the terror of the unknown. They were taught of lessons of war, and knew despair.





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