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The Singers fashioned the Oni, unstoppable weapons of war – thoughts that could infect a mind and sow chaos, destruction, and fear. For hundreds of thousands of years, the Oni worked to destroy civilizations, unseen, perceived only as myth and legend.

On a distant planet an Oni, Akira, tried to take an unbreakable human as its new host, Brigadier General Tori Takahashi of the Terran Union, but chance intervened. A sniper’s bullet killed the Aslani General possessed by the Oni – trapping Akira and Tori in the same mind. Madness consumed them both.


Release 2021

Tori returns to the spinward frontier to face a blood feud with the Lor’Ak clan an Ihatei – landless – Aslani clan. The Lor’Ak clan pressed the Celestial League when it was led by Urathi Lor’Ak, Akira’s former host. Now other clans have moved to seize the rich prize left unsecured.

Tori unexpectedly finds a perfect soul in an imperfect body, Willow Posi. Willow is a Down Syndrome young woman who teaches Tori peace, joy and fearlessness. As Tori learns to use both the weapons of the Oni and the perfection of Willow, she turns the Aslani 'Way of the Oni' to the 'Way of the Kami'.

Admiral Wang Jangxia wages a hopeless war against the Aslani Ihatei expansion toward human space. Moving to the aid of the Celestial League, she fights a raiding war and draws the Aslani to Magyar sector, Clan subsector. It is at Unger where Admiral Wang will spring her trap.


Turreguer demonstrates the power of bureaucracy against espionage. Fighting an exceptionally powerful and deadly enemy such as Drak’Kiratlas requires asymmetrical warfare. Turreguer is not psionic and cannot impress minions to implement his bidding, so the wily old scout harasses his foe.

Turreguer raids, trades and distracts of his enemy Drak’Kiratlas – Kir – the avatar of the Singers, and darkened mirror of Eve McAlister. This deadly battle of wits drives outward from the Terran Union frontier into the planets of the Lost Worlds of the Long Night. It is a story of skill versus force, finesse versus tyranny.





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